Corporate & Social Entertainment

Tired of the same social quiz night every year?

Sick of doing all the work and being exhausted before the night is even started?

Let us help!

  • 3 hour show (plus set-up/pack-down and guests arriving/registering for the game)
  • Mobile buzzers – no pens, no paper, no cheating!
  • Professional hosts to run your event for you
  • Multi-media rich trivia questions

Who does what?


  • Organise or hire a venue (we can help you find one)
  • Source prizes
  • Invite your guests
  • Set up tables and welcome your guests


  • Provide custom graphics/posters
  • Provide all questions
  • Provide AV equipment (charges apply for more intensive setups)
  • Provide professional hosts to run your event
  • Keep your night running smoothly

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